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Three step process to fixing site issues

Article Written by : Keywordle – All About SEO & SEM

Both search engine and consumers have high expectations of websites. Site issues that go unchecked can have a meaningful effect on both SEO and the performance of the site as a whole. Here is a three step process to address those issues:

Step one – Identify

In this first step we will identify the errors and try to spot any anomalies. The focus of the audit at this stage is to find anything that will affect the user experience. The audit should include but not be limited to site speed, page errors, faulty links, bad page redirects etc. Another important task is to check and make sure that pages are crawled entirely.

Step two – Prioritize

All of the issues uncovered in step one will have differing levels of importance. Focus on the issues that have a direct bearing on the visibility and navigation of the site. Crawling issues, redirects etc. Next, move on to content issues. Assuming the major problems are already listed, then look at things like Meta tags, schema etc.

Step three – Fix

This is the stage where all the fixes prioritized above are fixed. Use the various tools available to test that these issues no longer exist. Do not proceed from one to another without proper confirmation. Often, fixing issues can sometimes cause others like, fixing redirects only to find that the destination page no longer exists.

At the end of it all, schedule another audit in the near future to identify and new issues. For larger teams, issue guidelines that will prevent any future issues.