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Dealing with negative feedback

Article Written by : Website Business Solutions

As marketers or site owners, there can be a significant amount of feedback, both positive and negative that need to be dealt with. The feedback itself can come in many forms and on many channels. They can be bad reviews on shopping sites for a product, negative comments on social media etc. Here is one method of dealing with negative feedback:

Listen to the feedback.

The first step is to acknowledge and listen to the feedback. A visitor/customer is likely to look on the interaction more favorably if the complaint is acknowledged. One Facebook or any channel that allows it, reply as quickly as possible and say that the issue will be looked into.

Decide if it is constructive

Not all feedback needs to be followed up with action. This is the internet and there is going to be feedback that is not constructive. Mark all the ones that are constructive for follow up. A perfect example would be feedback on products on Amazon. There are some that give one-star ratings when a product is delayed in delivery or damaged in transit not realizing that the ratings are for the product.

Move forward

There are two options here. The feedback can be taken to heart and be the reason for the initiation of some form of change. Alternatively, even if the feedback was constructive, there are going to be those that cannot be implemented or practical for various reasons. Those can them be let go or filed for a future date.