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Using Google Sitelinks to improve your SEO

Sitelinks are those lists that appear on Google’s search results when looking for a specific business or brand name. The result features the brand’s main homepage as well as several internal pages such as the “Download” or “Contact Us” pages or specific content category pages organized in two columns. Sitelinks are aimed at helping users find specific pages from your site right from the search engine result. Google mentioned that they would only feature sitelinks for a site if their algorithm finds good structure within the site and deems that content is relevant to users’ queries.

Sitelinks bring advantages such as improvements in your brand reputation, they engage trust in users and this increases their Click Through Rate (CTR) and shortens the conversion funnel. Generally, sitelinks make you gain more SERP space and improves traffic to internal pages.

To gain sitelinks on search results for your site a blend of the following strategies can be carried out:

  1. Create a unique brand name so that when users search for your brand’s name, Google will automatically infer that they are looking for your site.
  2. Having a structured site with clear hierarchy will help users navigate through the site. An easily accessible navigation bar is also helpful.
  3. Consider creating a sitemap.xml. This will help Google crawl your site and increases the coverage of your pages.
  4. Create quality content and link to your internal pages using natural anchor text.

Getting sitelinks requires patience and dedication but will certainly improve brand reputation, CTR and ultimately traffic in the long run.