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Top Grossing Social Media Apps, and What Makes Them Successful

The top three grossing apps have two things in common. One: they are all dating apps. Two, they are all apps that are free to purchase, but make a profit from in-app purchases. Free apps are often very profitable because mobile app developers Los Angeles can find it difficult to get users to even try an app when there is a pay wall.


Match.com has had a marketing campaign so successful that it has become a well-branded household name. This allows for the app to generate a profit even if it wasn’t easy-to-use, something app development in Los Angeles should keep in mind. By being well-known, it has a larger pool of dating options to choose from. Then, by having more options to choose from, it becomes even more popular as a result.


Zoosk provides users with more information on potential dates than most other dating websites. However, to follow through, you will need to purchase a subscription, a common monetization trick for mobile application development Los Angeles. The free app serves as marketing tool that sells potential suitors to the user while requiring a payment to receive the final product.


POF stands for “Plenty of Fish.” Unlike with the other apps listed above, users are not required to purchase a subscription to go on a date. Instead, users subscribe in order to gain access to better features.

While these apps are all user-friendly, what sets them apart is that they satisfy an emotional need.

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