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Tips to innovate your content marketing

2014 has been a year of focus on content. Businesses are slowly driving away from traditional marketing ways such as the use of banner ads and are striving more to connect with the core needs of their customers.


Communication is the key to knowing what the customer actually wants and in order to shape your product offering to enhance consumer satisfaction, the principle concerned party has to be consulted. You can engage in content innovation by requesting feedback from your customers. Regular and authoritative customers can work alongside your marketing initiative to create new content. Regular customers can share ideas, feedbacks and powerful stories that can increase new customer engagement.

Social Media Presence

Be where your customers are to be able to “hear” them. Usually customers would provide feedback and share ideas on social networks. By engaging and interacting with them on social networks and forums you will be able to gain insights as to what the customer is liking from your competitors and what could enhance their experience of your product and content.

Encourage creativity among teams

Each department or team in your company knows its job. Your sales executives have insights on the thoughts and wants of your customers. They know about the special features that pleases the most. Web analysts have at their disposal all the required tools to evaluate user behavior, bounce rates and traffic. The goal is to not only use the figures generated from those teams in traditional metrics but to innovate with them. By encouraging your specialists to be proactive and to provide creative ideas, you could bring an extra umph to your content.