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Tips for making the most of your SEO and content

Google may change the game now and then, but one thing remains true: Content is the foundation of every interaction with your customer. Making the most of your content will help with increasing sales and getting better rankings. Here are some tips to make the most of your content:

Audience – The first and most important tip is to get to know your audiences better. When you know your audience, your content will be more specific to their needs. Also, you will also serve your customers better when you can map interaction to products.

Format – Choose your content format wisely. Often, content creators follow whatever popular trend. Do not limit yourself to any one type of content per post. Use presentations, images, infographics and any other type that complements the article and gets the point across. If the visitor finds it useful, then use it.

Metrics – Be careful not to judge the success of your content on the wrong metrics. Low search ranking and traffic counts might be due to the reasons and not the quality of the content. Look at metrics specific to that page like time spent and shares to judge the success of content.

Profit – When possible, use the content to drive visitors into your sales funnel. When you get the audience and the interaction model right, you know the frame of mind of your customer. You will know what part of the purchase process the customer is in based on the article they are reading.