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Improve SEO by bolstering internal links

Most webmasters and SEO marketers know the value of internal links. However, simply linking randomly from within your site to a target page is not going to work. Even something as simple as internal linking needs to be targeted and done one step at a time. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing internal linking the right way.

Step one – Identify the page and the keyword you want the page to rank for. It could be a great piece of content that has not gotten the links it needs to rank high. It could also be for more than one keyword phrase. In the interests of keeping it simple, limit it to three keywords.

Step two – Take those keyword phrases you want to rank for and do a Google search for those terms on your own website. These are the pages that Google thinks are relevant to the keywords you entered. Hence, these are the best pages to link to your target page.

Step three – Open the pages that came up on the search. Check if those keyword phrases you identified in step one are present. If they are, do they link to the target page? No? then link it to the target page. Add the phrase and the link to pages that did not have the exact phrase but came up on the search.

Step four – Mark a point in time and wait two weeks to a month. Did the rank increase? Did traffic increase? If this method worked, now identify another page and go about repeating the above.