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Improve e-commerce revenue with these three strategies

Article written by : Host Edition

Running an e-commerce store online can feel overwhelming. However, by following just a few strategies, you can see an immediate increase in sales. Here are three:

Search analytics

One of the most surprising facts you will learn is that a lot of e-commerce operations start without any analytics background. In a real world business, there is often a leap of faith that gets a retail operation open. However, for e-commerce stores, there is a lot of data out there that you can use as a basis for decisions. Search analytics sites provide traffic estimates, click through rates along with sales figures. Use analytics for all your decisions.


Another common mistake is to follow the organization’s structure for the website. An e-commerce store should follow a customer-focused structure, rather than an organizational model. You can find out what the customer wants using search data from Google and structure the site accordingly. Once you have enough search data, you can identify the most effective architecture for your visitors. This should result in an increase in both times on site and sales.


Using SEO for an e-commerce store is nothing new. However, SEO should be part of a larger decision-making process. In fact, all decisions should have input from all the stakeholders. Success in one area should not come at the expense of another. Sales, marketing, SEO, management should sign off on any changes. Also, such changes should always have justification along with metrics to measure success.