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Important tools for converting traffic to leads

Article Written by : Top SEO Software Reviews

A lot of work goes into attracting visitors. Unfortunately, the hard work is just starting. Now the process begins in converting those visitors into leads. The objective is to collect the contact information of the visitor. The more data collected the better. However, in most cases, a name and email address are enough. For an online marketer, there is nothing more important than getting someone’s name and email address. Here are four tools that aid in that conversion process:

Forms – This step needs to be as frictionless as possible. In order to capture a lead, the visitor should enter their details into a form and submit. The process needs to be clear and easy.

Call to action – These are buttons that get your visitors to take an action. Often it involves an incentive of some sort. These incentives can be white papers, downloads, books etc. It has to be enticing to the target market. Low conversion rates on a call to action usually indicate a lack of interest in the incentive.

Landing pages – This is where the above call to action leads a visitor. The visitor will have the chance to download whatever incentive offered. Some sites provide the incentive on confirmation of the email address.

Once the three-step process is complete, the visitor is now a contact/lead. Keep all contact details in a central database. This prevents duplication of effort. Combine data from other sources to increase the accuracy of conversion data.