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How to get more followers on Instagram

On most social networks, the number of followers is considered social proof. This has resulted in a race to get as many followers as possible. Generally unless the user has existed on other platforms prior to signing up to instagram, organic growth can be slow. Here are three ways to grow your follow total faster.


This is the bread and butter of instagram. The right hashtags for your images can generate a lot of attention and increase your follower account. It is important to pick the right hashtags for your posts. They should be related to the subject and also cover the micro and macro hashtags.

Post often

The more often you post, the higher the likelihood that someone will see and like a post. This is in part thanks to the hashtags (see above) and when people see what others are liking. The more popular accounts on instagram can post as many as five times per day. Properly spaced out, can cover the most important time zones.

Like Other Posts

Another good way to get attention is to like other peoples posts. Find a hashtag that is related to your subject and check it regularly. From there like the images of anything related to your niche. Testing has shown that three likes of a user’s images is enough to get there attention. At that point they will see your account long enough to decide if they want to follow you.