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Google News Initiative and Subscribe With Google to help publishers online

There is a lot of contention between publishers and Google over the use of news and how Google does not do enough to encourage people to subscribe. Google is taking steps to remedy some of the damage the internet has done to the newspaper business model. It is kicking it off with the Google News Initiative. Google’s Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler outlined the three key objectives of the Google News Initiative (GNI) at the event and in a blog post:

Elevate and strengthen quality journalism

Evolve business models to drive sustainable growth

Empower news organizations through technological innovation

The biggest part of this initiative is Subscribe With Google, which aims to create a frictionless method for people with Google Accounts to subscribe to the publishers content. The first benefit of this arrangement is that people can subscribe using the credit card on file with Google when they go to the publisher. Screenshots of the process show a simple popup that shows the publishers subscription options and allows the visitor to purchase.

The other advantage is that subscribers can log into the site using their Google account making it easier to access the subscription. The publishers will also enjoy more visibility for their content, as subscribers will see their content higher in the news feed.

The blog post did not mention any information on revenue sharing or if Google is doing this as part of the $300 initiative to assist and promote journalism.