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Get more links from influencers

Do you want to rank higher? Want more traffic? You need more backlinks. Backlink acquisition is not as hard as most bloggers think. A lot of people think that nobody wants to read and share their content. In reality, the opposite is true. People active on social media and online influencers are always looking for high-quality content they can share. Here are a few ways you can generate links online:

Unique research

As soon as there is something new in your industry, create a study or research project around the concept. You can then use that research to write one or more articles that you can share. People look at organizations that release unique research as thought leaders in the market. Often, you will get a lot of inbound links because your content is unique.


Writing a blog post is too easy now, and there are too many top-level posts like “How to save for your retirement.” Take a unique approach and drill down into common industry phrases like the one above. For example, “How to retire in 10 years with a salary of $40,000” is more likely to get attention from the target market.


There are touchy topics in every industry. Look at the possibility of using one or more of those controversial subjects to become part of the conversation. All you need is one single controversy and publications will always mention (and link) whenever a related topic hits the news.