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Boost local sales with these tips

Recent studies show the importance of providing a local presence for online searches for converting those results into sales. Consumers are prioritizing local businesses, and are no longer willing to drive long distances for regular items. It is now critical to show location information when consumers are searching online.

First of all, make the local contact and location information easy to find. Modern web design tends to focus on large images and structures that do not give priority to location information. Mobile design ignores that further by hiding everything but the main page text in a button. Show different pages to visitors from different locations.

You will also need a local landing page for every location of your business. It is no longer enough to have a single page with a listing of all locations and contact details. Create a proper landing page that is specific to the location, including directions, maps, and times.

Also, when providing directions, landmarks, and details, do so in a way that a person who is from that area will understand. For example, certain areas will have local names for landmarks rather than the official name. When a landing page uses local terminology, the consumer is more likely to take that information seriously.

Consumers want to shop at places that are close to them. The key to serving that customer is to make your location information as easy, and as relevant as possible.