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Will Ello be able to compete with giants like Facebook and Twitter?

Ello is a new social media network launched in July 2014 on an invite-only basis. The new social network has also issued a manifesto along with its launch pledging to remain ad-free unlike the other existing social networks. Ello promises its users that they would be guaranteed absolute privacy regarding the name they would like to use on the social network. This has brought a surge of interest among the LGBTQ community which had issues with Facebook requesting them for their real names.

Generally, Ello’s main promise to users is that they will not sell their members’ information and online activities to third parties. For the time being the site will accept new members on invitation only.

Donation model

Ello will operate on a donation model, offering special services that users might choose to add to their accounts. Members can then choose to donate any amount that they would like. Donation is optional and members would be able to use the network for free if they opt for it.

Privacy Concern

All content shared on Ello would be accessible to the public. Members can be contacted by other members even if they do not form part of the same network. Though they will have the option of blocking out undesirable contacts from some members.

With time users would be able to test Ello and decide whether they like the ad-free alternative for their preferred social network. It remains to be seen how Ello will survive among pillars such as Facebook and Twitter and whether the donation model will work.