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Three link building tactics that still work

Over the years there have been hundreds of different tactics marketers have used to get links. Getting links, especially for online stores and e-commerce sites is harder due to the commercial nature of the sites. Fortunately, some tactics that were used in the past still work. Here are three of them:

Asking for links

The absolute easiest and cheapest way to get links is to just ask. When it comes to online stores, the most obvious people to ask from are your suppliers. Check each supplier or manufacturer’s website and look for a location where they list their distributors, this is where you will get your link.

Complementary products

In any niche, there will be other products that complement the one you sell. For online paint suppliers, there will be brushes and other accessories that go with. For coffee there are coffee grinders, machines and cups. All of these connections can be used to market a product. This is easier if the product you are promoting is known to be one of the best in its class. Hario for example get their grinders featured in lots of articles and videos because they are cheap and produce amazing ground coffee.

Product page links

In most cases you will get a link to your home page. Domain links are good but what you want, in order to improve sales and ranking is to get links to your internal pages. The best way to do this is to run a competition or contest and place the location on the internal page you want to rank. This way any links to the contest will be to this page.