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Instagram Rolls out Account Switching

socialmediapowerInstagram finally rolled out its most requested feature: Multiple Accounts. In a long awaited announcement yesterday instagram announced that it was rolling out multiple account switching to all users worldwide. There was previously an instance where certain users of the Android app had it enabled for them as part of a beta test.

The new feature allows you to add up to five accounts: “Whether you’re a small business managing your personal and business account, a brand manager managing multiple brand accounts or an agency partner managing multiple client accounts, you can add up to five accounts with one login.”

Adding the additional accounts is a straightforward process: “To get started, go to your profile settings and scroll down to Add Account. On the following screen, type in the username and password of the account you’d like to add. Repeat this step for each additional account you want to add.”

Now when you want to view or post as a specific account, just click on the account name and choose the account from the dropdown.

This will make life much easier for any business owner who has a personal and business instagram account. Previously users would need to setup other accounts in third party apps. This meant using a completely different app every time you needed to check a different account. This move will also go a long way to preventing any security issues when users expose passwords to third party apps.