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How to Properly Use Social Media As a Legal Professional

If you’re one of the many legal professionals using social media to expand your professional presence, you need to consider how ethics apply to your online activities. Failure to do so could result in some severe consequences.

Some of the ethical constraints that involve your social media accounts might actually take you by surprise. Furthermore, legal ethics regulators across the country are paying close attention to what attorneys and lawyers are doing with social media. Certain things you want to keep a close eye on is how you’re utilizing your social media as well as what you’re doing with it also.

Avoiding Ethical Lapses

Using social media as a legal professional involves considering select ethical opinions as well as avoiding a wide array of grey areas. Many lawyers, as advised by Barry K. Rothman, tend to disregard their profiles and posts as constituting legal advertisements. After all, legal advertising tends to be limited to billboards, commercials, and banners, right? Actually, in many jurisdictions, lawyer and law firm websites are actually deemed advertisements.

Never Make Misleading Statements

Now, although most legal professionals are already sensitive to the variety of restrictions they’re facing, some social media activities may give rise to unanticipated ethical lapses. For instance, a lawyer that creates a social media account and completes a profile without realizing that the account will brand the lawyer as an “expert” or “specialist” violates the ethics rules. This goes without saying to be extremely careful when taking on social media. Take a peek at all the Barry K. Rothman reviews online and you’ll see why he and his firm are helping so many professionals handle their cases.